Technically International Women’s Day is over on the East Coast BUT like the many posts I saw today, Women’s Day is EVERY DAY and one post in particular that really stood out to me today was that of Leah Kirsch’s Instagram with a photo of 6 models holding hands wearing pieces from her new “Zipper Collection” – the caption “Woman who stand together.”


I first started taking notice of Kirsch’s brand when it was originally called Millioneiress. She had one Tee in particular with the phrase “Ladies Is Pimps Too” written on it and I just thought that was dope. I immediately became intrigued with this bold street wear brand that was unapologetic about being feminist. Leah is really great at channeling female empowerment into her creations – she’s also released a long sleeve tee that says “Fear Of A Female Planet” on it and it’s relevant AF.




Kirsch has recently dropped her latest “The Zipper Collection” and every single item is  1 of 1. She’s reworked a bunch of vintage tees along with both a denim and camo jacket and legit every single thing is a must cop in my book.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.07.57 AM

If you’re feelin’ her customizations then you should also get you a pair of custom Air Force 1’s cause oh yea she customizes kicks too!


Peep the entire “Zipper Collection” on Leah Kirsch’s site now along with other items from her brand and let me know what you think!

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