It’s been about a week since COASTCITY dropped the remix to their track “Desconocidos” feat. Álvaro Díaz and these multi-talented Puerto Rican artists do not disappoint.

Díaz hopped on the track and immediately set the tone for this remix coming straight out the gate with 35 seconds of bar after bar.

“Baby, Baby Girl te puedo llamar cuando vuelva a aterrizar, después de hoy no tiene que terminar, mira que esto no paso por casualidad// no sabia quien era y ahora no puedo olvidar…”

If you didn’t already know, COASTCITY is a Latin Grammy nominated duo formed by producers Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores. They’ve worked together for years but finally decided to join forces and create a new wave, Caribbean Soul , which is R&B/Hip-Hop inspired mixed with a little extra sazón.


“Desconocidos” is the perfect representation of this new sound because it has the connotation of a 90’s R&B love song infused with some dembow so you can at least vibe out while you’re all in your feelings.

“I’m just playing perdoname
Tu eres mas linda
When you walk way

Es que no se como decirte
Yo soy la razon por la cual
Tu viniste

Y mis ganas insisten
Ma theres no need for resistance
Excusa mi persistencia

Somos desconocidos
Yea y ahora hemos caido
Quien dice que no se puede
Enamorarse de breve yea “

I’ve known about the gifted creative that is Álvaro Díaz for years now so I’m a solid fan of his but doing my homework to learn a little bit more about fellow Boricua artists, COASTCITY, I learned I’m actually already familiar with some of their work.

Remember the “Mi Gente” remix Beyoncé jumped on? Turns out Jean Rodriguez helped Bey perfect her Spanish for her verse and Flores has worked with the likes of Prince Royce as well as CNCO.

I personally love the fact that the duo embraces their Spanglish culture. I grew up both in the U.S. and P.R. so Spanglish is the norm for me. I can be listening to Lauryn Hill and Otis Redding one minute and switch over to Marc Anthony and Zion y Lennox the next. LOL Music is a universal language that everyone can understand  no matter how foreign it may sound. Caribbean Soul really is that new new and I’m here for it.

Take a listen to the “Desconocidos” Remix ft. Álvaro Díaz below and comment your thoughts!

COASTCITY you’re officially on my wavelength and Álvarito I’m going to need some more new music from you ASAP. Please & Gracias!

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