Álvaro Díaz has had his fans anticipating new music for awhile now but just like The Weeknd, the Puerto Rican rapper fittingly blessed his fans at the stroke of midnight on Good Friday by dropping his newest single “Mala.”

One thing I’ve noticed about Díaz’s music is that his tracks always have distinct sounds in them (ex. cars racing in MPH, voices chanting in La Milla de Oro) that immediately draw you in and in this @mlkmn produced track, the what sounds like a winding music box also pointed out by Remezcla is enticing and really sets the tone for this song.

It’s no secret us girls have a weakness for bad boys but Alvarito lets us know that he too likes himself a bad gal.

“Es mala es mala me gusta (Me gusta)
Metida en el joseo y no se asusta (No se asusta)
Me deja tener otra no es injusta (No es injusta)
Le digo esa está buena y me la busca (Me la me la busca)
Es mala es mala me gusta
Metida en el joseo y no se asusta
Me deja tener otra no es injusta
Le digo esa está buena y me la busca

Siempre me habla en codigo
Vamonos pa’l carro rapido
Sin que se entere el corillo
Y decimos fue que prendimos
Margiela en mi pies
Juega a ser stripper le hago llover los de cien
Dice vamonos pa’ Tokio a facturar en Yens
Por eso ninguna jeva me ve en sus DM’s
Tacos Louis Vuitton cartera Chanel
Corriendo todos los días detrás del papel
Aterrizo. voy directo check in pa’l hotel
Pa’ que quiere boda, siempre estamos de luna de miel”

It’s safe to say a lil bad never hurt nobody!I can already see the ladies singing this catchy chorus in their Snapchats with their favorite kitty filters feelin’ themselves – no shade though, I’ll be one of them!

Take a listen to “Mala” and get ready for the summer to heat up asap like rocky if we keep getting new music from el negrito con actitud a.k.a. Young Luis Miguel a.k.a. el hijo pródigo!


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