Derek Novah fans have been patiently waiting for the Puerto Rican crooner to release new music and while steady perfecting his craft and working on a totally new sound, the artist dropped a project of unreleased songs he was working on in 2014-2016.

Los Lost Tapes is an 8 track offering with zero features and is produced entirely by Caleb Calloway, Mr.NaisGai and Young Martino.

It’s incredible to me knowing that these tracks were created 2-4 years ago yet are so refreshing. In this day and age it’s normal to hear artists use the words “chingar” “bellaco” etc. in their music (no shade to anyone btw) but Novah is so creative with his story telling that it’s not necessary for him to use the basic terminology when speaking about sex and he definitely painted that picture in “El Camino” and “WCW.”

“Tocando Fondo” is another stand out song for me off this mixtape. #UrGirlsFavSinger paused from his sensual lyricism to get really real for a second and talk about how life aint always rainbows and butterflies on this one.

“..el estrés me ha llevado a tocar el fondo…fuckin’ stress me quiere matar y volver mata la depresión ,no puedo con la presión ahora tengo un millón pero igual me siento solo..el estrés me quiere matar y volver loco…”

No matter the topic, Derek Novah has the penetrating vocals to get the message through. I would say Young Maelo is back but he never really left and still can’t be touched by these new artists- in my opinion, originality is what makes you relevant and he’s got that on lock. I can’t wait to hear his Afro-Caribbean infused music next, now that is going to be something special!

Take a listen to Los Lost Tapes below and let me know which track you’re rockin’ with the most.

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