Looking for a song to dedicate to bae? Well look no further because Peter CottonTale just produced the perfect one and acquired some heavy contenders to add their little bit of lovin’ on it as well!

“Forever Always” features Chance The Rapper, Daniel Caesar, Madison Ryann Ward, Yebba and Rex Orange County on it and they really filled this soulful, R&B joint with the most tender love you ever heard!

You’re my favorite song
Your melody’s so strong
When I think of you
You’re a dream come true
What I’m trying to say
Is that I’ll always
I’ll always love you

You’re my sing-a-long
You’re the only song on my iPod
You’re the only CD I keep in the whip (the whip)
You’re my number one song on every playlist (playlist)

This is the perfect slow jam to listen to while you’re enjoying that Summer Lovin’ so go ahead…download it…dedicate it…you’re welcome. 😉

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