Roc Nation signee, A.Chal has been pretty low key since the release of his video for the A$AP Nast assisted track “Cuánto” but a little over a week ago he gifted his fans with his latest creation “Vibrations” and he’s transmitting positive frequencies on this one.

Singing about how “going with the good vibrations” and trusting his struggle has helped with getting to where he wants to be in life, this is the perfect joint to get you in the right head space whether it be to just have a good time or giving you those good vibes to get you through your process.

“I don’t owe you nothing no more
They just wanna party con el coco
Lamborghini moving like a toro
Riding solo baby like I’m Zorro yeah
With a bad bitch from Morocco
I came a long way de un cholo
Mama en la casa cooking pollo
If you weren’t loyal, I don’t know you

All those nights, I feel like I was the closest
Took a couple L’s, couple losses
Had to stay true to the process, process
I can’t lie
Almost gave in to the nonsense
When I’m cunning in my conscious
Had to stay true to my closest, close ones

Going with the good vibrations
I only want the good vibrations
Rolling up good medication
I’m only going with the good vibrations, brations”

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