First off, how come no one put me on to Ryan Trey before? Second and most importantly what rock have I been living under to have missed such a dope new artist?! All this over hyped up music that’s coming out has really overshadowed the REAL talent this industry has yet to really tap into.

I often times forget that there are some unique gems on SoundCloud and for some reason today I decided to open my app after awhile and see if I could find anything that inspired me because lately no one has been doin’ it for me.

I quickly stumbled upon a track one of my favorite crooners, Bryson Tiller, reposted of a song titled “Mutual Butterflies” by an artist he actually co-signed via Twitter, Ryan Trey.


The 19 year old St.Louis/DC native independently released his EP, August, about a month ago and in the words of Tiller “it’s a vibeee.”

In my opinion, the 13 track offering is a great first introduction to those who are unfamiliar with this young up and coming artist. With songs such as “Mutual Butterflies,” “Temptations,” and “Break on Monday,” there’s no way you’re not adding him to your “Mellow Bars” playlist.

Take a listen to August across all platforms now and let me know if you’re as excited about this artist as I am!

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