One of Puerto Rico’s greatest enigmas, Kyoshi Reyes, has released a new track titled “Ella sabe” and I’m HOOKED.

Produced by Kyoshi himself as well as fellow boricua artist, Nissi, “Ella sabe” is a joint that FINALLY doesn’t sound like everything else right now. Yes, it’s topic is about sex, which to no surprise is a favorite subject for artists to tap into but Reyes provides us with some colorful imagery instead of the usual repetitiveness.

I didn’t hear the word “Chingar” once – that’s VERY rare for this new wave of artists and makes it an automatic hit in my book, 3x platinum at that! (*No shade to other artists though, you’re still getting your plays, kudos for that but you can stop being lazy now.*)

“Ella sabe lo que quiere, hace lo que sea pues nadie la detiene// y me tiene, te tiene, todos lo que quiere los tiene pero soy yo a quien prefiere…”

Take a listen to “Ella sabe” below and let me know if you’re feelin’ this fresh new single as much as I am.

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