I first fell in love with R&B songstress, Ella Mai, when I came across her single “Naked” on SoundCloud. Now if you’ve already heard of her then you probably associate her more with her record breaking smash hit “Boo’d Up” which is definitely a 90’s R&B revival banger BUT “Naked” still remains my all time favorite of hers.

It’s been a whole 24hrs. since Ella Mai released her self-titled debut album and it’s filled with her favorite topic (which is also happens to be mine) LOVE. It’s important to listen to this 16 track offering from start to finish to really understand her storytelling.

If I’m keeping it 100, the songs all start to sound similar BUT it’s consistent and the real intrigue for me is Mai’s wordplay and how she chooses to express her sentiments.

The first few songs off the project, “Good Bad,” “Dangerous,” and “Sauce” really did it for me. I also have to shout out H.E.R. on their collab “Gut Feeling” – those two put a lot of soul into that track.

Take a listen to Ella Mai below and comment your thoughts.

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