“Hate to Love//Hate to Hate”

Damn Chance where is the love?!

In Chance the Rapper’s latest record, “No Better Blues”, he pretty much raps about hating everything you can think of.

“I hate my bed, I hate my home, I hate my job, I hate the wife, I hate the kids, I hate the dog, I hate the sun, I hate the rain, I hate the clouds…”

Could Chance really be that cynical or is he making fun of the idea of cynicism in general? He’s the kind of rapper to get you to view things from a different perspective and that’s exactly what he did with this song.

If you take the time to really listen to all of the lyrics you might find that you actually agree with some of the items on his “hate”list, one in particular I can identify with is:

“I hate schedules,calendars,reminders…cause they just remind us that tomorrow is gonna be just as timeless.”

You can make fun of the fact that he says he hates milkshakes, pancakes, money, the optimistic smirks on the faces of children, etc. or you can take away from it the bigger picture. 😉

Open for interpretation, take a listen to this art Chance has illustrated for us.

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