"Post Trap Soul gettin' back to it No, nigga, this ain't no trap music Soul, rhythm, blues with a slap to it Watch how young Pen Griffey put his bat to it" Yass Bryson come throughhh! Mr. Tiller dropped 3 new tracks a little over a week ago but "Get Mine" ft. Young Thug is definitely one … Continue reading BRYSON TILLER X YOUNG THUG || GET MINE

“Hate to Love//Hate to Hate”

Damn Chance where is the love?! In Chance the Rapper's latest record, "No Better Blues", he pretty much raps about hating everything you can think of. "I hate my bed, I hate my home, I hate my job, I hate the wife, I hate the kids, I hate the dog, I hate the sun, I … Continue reading “Hate to Love//Hate to Hate”