“Post Trap Soul gettin’ back to it
No, nigga, this ain’t no trap music
Soul, rhythm, blues with a slap to it
Watch how young Pen Griffey put his bat to it”

Yass Bryson come throughhh! Mr. Tiller dropped 3 new tracks a little over a week ago but “Get Mine” ft. Young Thug is definitely one of my new favorites of his.

The “Don’t” crooner switched up his usual smooth R&B flow for a harder rap-sung vibe and I’m living for it!

Young Thug was the perfect recruit for this cut, their flows mesh effortlessly together and I want more!

“Still tryna get mine
I’m still tryna get mine
They schemin’ on me
They still tryna get mine
Oh they still tryna get mine”

Take a listen to “Get Mine” below along with “Honey” and “Something Tells Me.”

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