Burassi Apparel.

How many street wear brands do you know of are owned by current college students? I know of exactly one and that is NYC lifestyle brand, Burassi Apparel.


Burassi was started by an 18-year-old college student in the summer of 2012. The inspiration behind the line is basically to motivate our generation to work hard at making all of their dreams a reality.


The Fall 2014 collection was recently launched and it’s pretty dope for this young brand. It’s all black & white everything for the winter with strategic logo placement, which is perfect for a brand getting itself out there; keep it simple but bold.

The line is dominated by hoodies and crewnecks. My stand out piece would have to be the white ” New York OG” hoodie with its unique side zipper detail.


I’m looking forward to seeing how much this brand grows & if you ever need some motivation you should follow the brand on twitter. ( @BurassiApparel )


Buy your BA here:


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