Álvaro Díaz || La Última Última Vez

For those of you keeping track of #JuevesdeLvCiudvd don’t think I forgot about yesterdays drop from Hip-Hop’s finest in PR, Álvaro Díaz. Laying it down over a Kyoshi Reyes produced beat, his latest song “La Última Última Vez” tells a tale we’re all too familiar with.

“…pero este amor que se apague y se vuelve a prender,de no quiero estar contigo y no te quiero perder,amor que inspira aunque este desmotivao,el sexo nos hace olvidar que esto no va pa ningun lao…”

“Te amo ahora y te odio en una hora siempre juro que en tu juego no vuelvo a caer,me convences diciendo que esta seria la última vez..la última vez la última última vez…”

Díaz is so consistent with his craft that it’s actually becoming harder and harder for me to write about him each week,there is nothing else left to say but that he absolutely kills every single track he’s on with his witty
and relatable flow that seems to come so naturally to him.

Álvaro Díaz’s work speaks for itself. Just listen and appreciate the picture this artist has painted for us.


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